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We Will Have to Pay For New Marvel Rivals Characters

The Marvel Rivals alpha is well under way and many fans have been simply enjoying the gameplay. However, for some that isn’t enough. Data miners have been digging deep into the game files and have found some interesting information.

Will Marvel Rivals Characters be Free?

According to a data miner, characters in Marvel Rivals won’t all be free. There will be a free starting roster and new characters will have to be either earned with in-game currency or purchased for real money. Earning the characters in-game allegedly will take some time, so paying for new characters may have to be the way to go if you want to get your hands on them early.

Of course, with the game being free to play this isn’t too much of a shock. This is generally how F2P games work and earn revenue – we’ll also no doubt see skins and cosmetics for sale for real money too.

how to get marvel rivals alpha

With that said, it’s good that there will be an option for the fully free to play players to unlock characters. This will likely be done with the existing in-game currency, which means playing matches and completing daily and weekly missions.

There are currently 19 characters on the Marvel Rivals roster and no doubt many more on the way. It’s not been confirmed which will be free on release, although there very likely will be a few options for each role available for free.