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Marvel Rivals Ranked System Revealed

marvel rivals ranking system revealed

As we approach the Marvel Rivals closed alpha, more and more details about the game are being revealed! Most recently we got a sneak peak at the Marvel Rivals ranked system in all its glory. Let’s take a look!

Marvel Rivals Ranked System: All Ranks, How it Works

The Marvel Rivals ranked system was recently revealed through a developer livestream. We only got a sneak peak, but it was enough to find out all the ranks and how exactly it works. It’s based on a traditional game ranking system, placing players in leagues depending on skill level.

marvel rivals ranking system

Marvel Rivals Ranked Leagues

The leagues in Marvel Rivals are:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Grandmaster
  • Eternity
  • One Above All

Bronze to Grandmaster is split into tiers, for example Bronze has leagues one, two, and three, and you’ll need to climb through each to get to the next rank. Meanwhile, Eternity is based on “Star Earning” which is essentially points. One Above All, presumably, is reserved for the top ranked player.

marvel rivals fight

How Does Marvel Rivals Ranked Work?

Marvel Rivals ranked is a pretty straightforward competitive mode. Players queue up, do battle, and collect stars (aka points) for winning, and lose them for losing. However, there is an interesting feature dubbed “Chrono Shield.” This sometimes activates to stop you from losing stars on a loss – it is likely based on activity and only happens once in a while.

With all that said, the ranking system looks pretty standard. Whether you’re a new player or an FPS vet, you’ll have to grind a ton to climb the ranks!