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How to Unlock Permanent Marvel Rivals Alpha Rewards

The Marvel Rivals alpha is well underway and just a few more days remain until the servers are set to shut down. However, there’s still time to grab some goodies which you can keep forever! Here are the Marvel Rivals alpha rewards and how to get them.

How to Get Marvel Rivals Alpha Rewards

Alpha tests are generally testing periods where developers make sure things are somewhat functional while they continue developing the game. Usually progress is reset when the game reaches full release to give everyone a fair playing field. This remains the same for Marvel Rivals, however, there is a small difference – playing in the alpha lets you unlock a few permanent cosmetics!

These cosmetics are locked behind certain goals, although they mainly just include playing the game. These are:

  • A Scarlet Witch skin and player banner (Reach Battle Pass level 30)
  • A Galacta spray (Play a match with a dev during the creator clash)
  • A competitive ranked title (Reach Gold or higher in competitive)
  • Dawn of Legends title (Reach top 32 in the Dawn of Legends tournament)
marvel rivals exclusive skin
 The Marvel Rivals alpha Scarlet Witch skin.

As you can see, there isn’t too much to these Marvel Rivals alpha rewards. The Galacta spray requires a bit of luck getting into the right game and getting Gold in competitive might not be for everyone – but the big ticket item, the Scarlet Witch skin, just requires playing a bunch of games.

If you want to unlock these, you have until May 20, 11:59 PST to reach the goals. Good luck out there!