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Marvel Rivals Closed Beta Begins July 2024

marvel rivals closed beta july

After a brief period of silence following the alpha, NetEase are back in action with a massive reveal – the Marvel Rivals closed beta is starting in July! This means it’s just a short wait until we can get back into action and, best of all, the game is also coming to consoles!

Marvel Rivals Closed Beta Date Revealed

The most exciting news coming out of the update on YouTube, is that the Marvel Rival closed beta is heading our way in July! The game has seen a lot of development since the Alpha and the short trailer reveals new characters, maps, and the fact the game is coming to consoles.

This closed beta test will likely also be larger than the Alpha, no doubt inviting players from across the world, rather than just North America. If you played the Alpha and reached at least level 10, you’re guaranteed an invite to the closed beta. And, if you weren’t lucky enough to get in, we’ll keep you updated with how to get closed beta access.

What’s New in The Closed Beta?

With a new testing phase comes new content. Despite showing off a short trailer, the developers revealed a lot of information! The new content coming in the Marvel Rivals closed beta includes:

  • Playable characters: Venom, Adam Warlock
  • New maps
  • New team-ups
  • New skins

There’s probably a ton of other content that Marvel and NetEase are still waiting to reveal – so we’ll just have to wait and see exactly what we can expect!