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Marvel Rivals Loki Reveal: All Abilities, Trailer

marvel rivals loki reveal

The first official Marvel Rivals reveal is here! A short trailer has been shared by the Marvel team, showing off some Loki gameplay, which includes all of his skills and abilities. Let’s take a look at Marvel Rivals’ Loki.

Trailer Reveals Marvel Rivals’ Loki Gameplay

In a short gameplay trailer released on YouTube, the dev team showed off some Loki gameplay. This included a look at his skills, as well as the game in general.

First off, it’s important to note Loki’s role – strategist. Unlike games like Overwatch and Paladins, Marvel Rivals will not have support or healer heroes, instead opting for strategist. These heroes will still be able to provide their team with benefits, but likely won’t be solely focused on things like healing or buffs.

Moving onto Loki himself – one of his skills is a simple stealth, allowing Loki to briefly vanish while leaving a clone behind. Another skill allows Loki to place a close at a target location. Loki can then swap positions with his clones, making him incredibly hard to pin down.

His ultimate is his x-factor, allowing Loki to transform into another character and use their abilities! This makes him incredibly versatile as he can fit a variety of roles for specific situations.

Last but not least, his primary attack is a simple ranged spell fired from his staff – not too exciting, but it gets damage done from a safe distance.

It seems that Loki will be a very exciting hero, allowing for a ton of interesting moves with his trickster persona, as well as the versatility of his ultimate. He will no doubt have a high skill cap but also feel very rewarding to play.